Admarka is Switzerland’s leading naming agency. Creating great brand names that inspire is about creating a unique and differentiated identity that lasts.

Naming has been their exclusive call for more than two decades. They are experts in all aspects of national and international naming: brand name development, tagline, slogan, brand architecture, storytelling, brand positioning & brand management for products or companies. Admarka offers a comprehensive process, including linguistic and semantic searches and partial or complete legal support.


With 46 years of differentiated branding experience and marketing insights. Brandingcom’s major projects are directly supervised by two directors representing the Korean branding industry. Under their leadership, the optimal branding solution is derived through the perfect harmony of reason and emotion, strategy and creativity, Brandingcom continues to create success stories every day.


Pharmanaming is a professional naming agency for the healthcare & pharmaceutical industry. Their health and pharma-dedicated professionals guide you in reaching the successful brand you have in mind. At pharmanaming they do not live on old successes but understand that they are as good as their latest projects. Remaining focused on getting better is in their DNA. By giving personal and involved attention and guidance by dedicated professionals, they can do better in brand strategy, original creativity, user appeal and regulatory approvement of the pharma industry.


Globrands is a global naming consultancy that seeks the answer to the questions which have not yet been asked. They excel in creating a recognizable language for the brand to communicate with their clientele. They service a range of entities from companies to organisations, products, and services, using appropriate positioning to make their vision a reality. They specialise in brand portfolios, and provide their clients with accurate name, and a better understanding of the brand’s projected future.
From a strategic standpoint, they seek the best solutions to help you achieve your objectives. Therefore, they are a helpful tool in a brand repertoire and instrumental to their journey to success and maintaining it.


Labbrand, is a leading global brand consultancy founded in China in 2005. With expertise in Naming, Branding and Innovations, Labbrand drives your brand forward amidst shifting business environments. They offer comprehensive consultancy to create and develop impactful brands. They unlock value through their seamless coordination of insights, strategy, naming and design. As the first customer touchpoint and the carrier of all brand equity, they place naming at the center of the branding process. Labbrand combines the beauty and culture of language with tools that guarantee success — AI name generation, legal and linguistic screening, and customer testing – to arrive at the most optimal and attractive names.

Linda Liguori

Stating in 1990s Linda is an expert in brand naming consultant with 25 years’ experience in the field. Since 2002 she has been a free consultant managing the process of creating the right name for each company with great commitment and care. She works with a variety of companies ranging from large cooperations to new start-ups, bringing the client along every step of the way from the research stage to the final product. This ensures clients satisfaction as they see every stage in the process. Giving the right name to a product, a company, a service, or a website for Linda is a mission, as well as a vocation.


Markaname; is the first naming service in Turkey. Its team uses scientific and creative techniques to find names that add power to the brands and that can be registered officially. Finding a good brand name is getting more and more difficult. The experienced brand experts and copywriters of the Markaname team have strong command in usually more than one foreign language. Markaname combines scientific techniques with creativity to find registrable and competitive names for your products, services and companies. They use professional software to audit the availability of the names for registration. There are more than 15,000 names in Markaname archive.


Næmes provides a full range of brand services, from developing verbal identities and brand strategies for local and global businesses to creating intuitive and future-proof brand names. They also assist brands in improving their language, significantly impacting their markets, and increasing their value.

At Næmes, you’ll find a committed team driven by a genuine passion for what they do, inspiring us and all of their clients since the agency’s inception in 2000! As a result, your projects will be met with enthusiasm and warmth!

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