About GNN

Since 2008, the GNN has brought together the best naming agencies from around the world to elevate the practice of brand naming. Headquartered in Zurich, the GNN includes members in New York, Amsterdam, Geneva, Milan, Paris, Istanbul, Shanghai, and Seoul. Each member agency must include an expert naming team and decades of naming, branding, and trademark experience. The GNN facilitates resource sharing, cultural understanding and sensitivity, and the refinement of naming best practices, empowering members to deliver their clients the most creative and impactful brand names possible.

Our mission is to connect you, our client, to the ideal company to craft your unique brand identity and marketing to make you stand out from your competition, strengthen your relationship with current customers and connect you with potential ones.

Having the right brand name is instrumental in drawing in your clientele as it creates the first impression of your company. It must encompass everything about your compony and what you stand for. An unintegral part of developing an international brand name is brand positioning, this is where we come in.

More than 20’000 brand names are registered daily worldwide, this makes any empirical approach ineffective. The development of an international corporate brand name or a product brand name requires cross-disciplinary expertise in marketing, semiology, linguistics and Intellectual property.

Our mission as the largest network of leading naming agencies is to put you in contact with experts to mold a memorable and long-lasting brand name which makes an impact on the global ecosystem of your company.

We stand at the forefront of Verbal Brand creation, due to our worldwide collective collaboration and our research to streamline the process of creating a successful brand for the benefit of our clients.

We achieve this though our dedication to brand name development, brand architecture, storytelling, development of slogans and taglines, linguistic & semantic analysis, brand positioning and Intellectual property.

What to join?

Do you want to participate in the network’s variety of activities, and be a force of change, share your experience with others, and build on best practices from other areas? Those who join the global naming network choose to collaborate to benefit the entire naming industry. Moreover, We offer an opportunity to develop a strong differentiation from your competitors and recognition by the best naming agencies worldwide.

Why to join?

Joining GNN means having access to a global network of experts, and benefiting from sharing each others experiences with the community. It also allows you to:

  • Get insights about naming trends across the globe
  • Benefit from each other
  • Work together on projects that require international collaboration
  • Annual events
  • Use the network as a marketing tool / guarantee of expertise

How to join?

Are you interested in joining the network? Please send an email alexandr@ with an introduction of yourself and your agency to

  1. Your request will be examined by the board.
  2. When we see a match, we will invite you to a first online meeting.
  3. Good outcome? Welcome to our network!