What if your brand name turns into a generic category?

Sometimes there is a downside to being successful. Banking platform Modularbank’s brand name transformed into a verb widely used in the world of finance. Globrands helped them in their rebranding.

Modularbank, the next-generation core banking platform, announced the launch of its new corporate brand identity to better reflect its company values and market offering. The new company name is Tuum, which means “core” in Estonian, highlighting both its native roots and its goal to help customers supercharge their business from within through the use of its banking technology. The brand refresh alludes to the new scope of the company, which has evolved significantly since its inception in 2019. While the company was initially set up to focus on serving banks, Tuum’s flexible core banking technology is not limited to banks, it can also help fintechs and any type of business looking to offer innovative financial services.

Vilve Vene, CEO and Co-founder at Tuum: “The rebrand marks an exciting and an important step on our journey to expanding our reach and consolidating our role as a trusted partner that customers can rely on to help them transform and introduce new services and developing leading-edge solutions that move banking into the future.”

Flexible banking systems

TUUM is the driving force behind flexible banking systems. They don’t just serve existing banks and challenger banks, but cater to any business that wishes to quickly bring a tailored financial solution to their customers. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all banking. Select the bricks you need and build your own plug-and-play system within weeks instead of months.

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