Just being 100% green is not enough for us. That’s why we invest in people.

There is a solidarity, transparent and ecological energy. Sinergika unites energy, environment and economic convenience.

With Sinergika you help people in difficulty at no extra cost: we pay 10 euros per year by supporting a solidarity project of your choice.

Sinergika is the name identified together with Iaki for a green light and gas offer from Dolomiti Energia, a Trentino company operating throughout the Italian territory

From the Dolomiti Energia website: “Synergy means joining two or more forces to obtain a result greater than the result obtained by the simple sum of the components used separately. This is the concept behind Sinergika , the supply of electricity and natural gas for your home that is good for everyone: you save directly on your energy and gas bill, we only supply you with energy from renewable energy sources that respect the environment, without CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, and together we support the most vulnerable people by funding solidarity projects developed by non-profit organizations. It is Sinergika, the energy that unites people, the environment and saving.”

Want to learn more about this project?

mail Linda Liguori at info@lindaliguori.it

or call her on +39 02 4239605