Naming research

naming research



Linguistic checks & Trademark law

GNN uses a worldwide testpanel which allows us to test names quick and effectively and to find correct (and wrong) associations. In addition, we use our network within GNN for creativity and a nuanced judgment.

In most cases, the trademark law is a crucial part of a naming process. The main question is: Will there arise confusion with existing brands?


“Translation is more than word replacement—it requires cultural awareness and a deep understanding of every language involved.”

A name that works well in one culture can undermine your brand in another. We translate your brand name to appropriately convey your company identity and brand message in all relevant cultures and languages.

Focus Groups

“Focus groups give you a window into the ways a brand name resonates with your audience and what meaning it conveys”

Focus groups provide opportunities for validation of your name by participants. They can also unearth shared associations and opinions, and data and insights that can stimulate new ideas.


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