After the development of a name, slogan or a brand story, a few other steps have to be taken to make the brand a success.

Legal & Trademarks

“Once you find the perfect name or tagline, make sure it’s well-protected.”

Legal and trademark registration is essential to protect your verbal branding from competitors and build credibility in your industry. After you’ve chosen your brand name or tagline, we help you register it at a national trademark bureau and local bureau of industry and commerce.

Design logo and visual identity

A new brand deserves a fitting logo design and visual identity. GNN works with renowned design agencies, but also with smaller agencies. We like to support you with a good briefing to link the name and design with each other.

Internal branding

The launching starts with internal acceptance. During the project, we can engage your direction and employees with the development of the name and we will finalize this with a presentation.


If all the above-mentioned tasks are under control, the brand can be fulfilled with help of implementation and advertisement agencies. We will help you from covering your cars with brand stickers to a new campaign.   

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