EEI launches fintech software spinoff with a Catchword name: Ninth Wave

Catchword names new company Ninth WaveFintech innovator and finance industry leader Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (EEI) has launched Ninth Wave, a software company with an innovative approach to financial data and a name developed by Catchword.

Built from the ground up for the world’s largest global banks and wealth managers, the Ninth Wave platform provides integrated delivery and aggregation of every type of financial data – bank accounts, 401ks, bill pay.

“The Ninth Wave platform is the bridge between fintech applications and financial institutions,” said founder George Anderson in a release.

EEI came to Catchword in May of 2018 searching for a name for the new company whose platform not only connects financial data and the real world, but breaks down data barriers to create a universal standard.

A term out of nautical history and mythology from many cultures, the Ninth Wave is a single, massive wave that is the last of a series of incrementally larger waves. The name naturally conveys the flow, integration, and power of the company’s new platform to sweep away obstructive complexity while avoiding the obvious “fin” and “tech” references of so many players in this sector.

As an advanced, award-winning data platform for seamless financial data integration, Ninth Wave is the wave of the future. Best wishes from Catchword!

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