Campus Explorer rebrands with a new name from Catchword: Archer Education

A new name for Campus Explorer: Archer Education By Erin Milnes of Catchword Higher education enrollment marketing services provider Campus Explorer has relaunched as Archer Education, a name developed by Catchword to highlight the company’s targeted approach. The company uses outcome-focused, predictive modeling to help schools pinpoint more of the right prospects. Catchword developed Archer to […]

Labbrand Creates Chinese Name 适乐肤 for L’Oréal’s Skincare Brand CeraVe

A new name for CeraVe created by Labbrand Created by Labbrand CeraVe, a skincare company owned by L’Oréal, recently launched its Chinese brand identity, including a Chinese brand name created by Labbrand. CeraVe was founded in 2005 and acquired by L’Oréal 2017. Since its conception, every CeraVe product is developed with leading dermatologists. The brand now offers […]

Labbrand Creates New Alphabetic Name MAEZIO for Covestro’s New Class of Thermoplastic Composite Materials

Name creation of thermoplastic composite materials – MAEZIO Created by Labbrand Covestro, the German-based polymer materials manufacturer, introduced its new class of thermoplastic composite materials – Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastics (CFRTP) – to the world with the alphabetic name MAEZIO created by Labbrand. Covestro is a global manufacturer of polymer materials for a wide variety of […]

Catchword names Soluna, the world’s first blockchain infrastructure company powered entirely by renewable energy

Name creation of Soluna by Catchword By Erin Milnes of Catchword Catchword-named blockchain infrastructure company Soluna has launched, and made headlines with its announcement of plans for the first utility-scale computing facility powered entirely by its own renewable energy sources. The company will develop a 900MW wind farm to supply all the energy for an adjacent computing facility in […]

Philips Lighting Rebrands as Signify with Chinese Brand Identity Created by Labbrand

Labbrand creates the Chinese brand name 昕诺飞 [xīn nuò fēi] for Signify Created by Labbrand Philips Lighting, the world leader in lighting, launched its new company name Signify 昕诺飞 on May 16th. Labbrand helped Signify create the Chinese brand name 昕诺飞 [xīn nuò fēi]. For more than 125 years, Signify (previously Philips Lighting) is the pioneer […]

Fly to Dreamland

Fly to dreamland – Fliggy created by Labbrand Created by Labbrand ” We reivented the brand identity of Alitrip and developed the lovable mascot “Fliggy” as well as a comprehensive visual identity system.” – Labbrand  TRAVEL REDEFINED Fliggy (previously known as Alitrip) is the OTA brand of Alibaba with focus on the millennials raised in the […]

The Great Power of Grilling

The great power of grilling – a new Chinese brand name for Weber Created by Labbrand Labbrand dived deep into the local BBQ culture, to help bring the American grilling legend into homes in China.   MUCH MORE THAN A GRILL A leading global manufacturer of charcoal, gas, electrics grills, and grilling accessories, Weber pioneered a […]

Welcome Each Other with Love

Welcome each other with love – a new name for Airbnb By Labbrand “Aibiying stood out amongst over 1000 names after comprehensive linguistic checks as well as qualitative and quantitative research. Meaning ‘Welcome Each Other With Love’, this name conveys Airbnb’s brand vision of creating a global community connected through love and a world where […]

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